Modern-Day Myths, Wednesday
When everyone had arrived, Thor looked out at the assembled group, pleased to see some familiar faces. And one new one! Which meant introductions wouldn't be completely redundant.

"I believe most of you know each other, and myself, already, but for the sake of one of our new students," he nodded in Anna's direction, "I believe we should do a round of introductions anyway. I'm Thor Odinson, but you may refer to me simply as 'Thor'. Although I consider myself a warrior foremost, I cannot resist the lure of a captivating tale. I decided to hold this class because in the time that I've been here on Midgard, I've receieved many strange emails, some of which contained truly outrageous stories. While a legend is a story that dates back far into a culture's history, urban legends are more recent inventions, spread via word-of-mouth or, even more recently, the Internet. Apparently, most of them are untrue, but they are entertaining nonetheless, and so that is what we will be examining in this class. Now," he pointed at someone at random. "Your name, class, and favourite urban legend, if you have one. If you don't, perhaps just your favourite traditional story."

THORHEIM!!!! Saturday Evening
x - tiny thor - looking up
So, Thor had woken up this morning all by himself in a very, very big house. Well, all by himself except for Cat, of course. He'd tried to make breakfast for himself and the cat, but apparently cats didn't like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Thor, on the other hand, was a big fan, even if (like most Midgardian foods) it was kind of weird. But the crunchy and sweet kind of balanced out the weird, so it was okay.

Unfortunately, he wasn't quite tall enough to reach the cupboards, so getting breakfast had involved a lot of climbing on counters, and half the cereal had kind of ended up on the floor. And it was evening and he still hadn't found anything suitable for the cat to eat. Also he was kind of hungry again and there wasn't any cereal left except the stuff on the floor and he didn't know how to work the machines in the house, like, at all.

Clearly it was time to call for assistance.

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Hallway Outside Office 20, Saturday Morning
Thor... was not even aware that he had an office, no. That he was even in the portion of the school that contained the offices was entirely a coincidence. He'd been on his way to the 'field day' you see, but then there'd been a gremlin who'd tried to bite him, and like Thor was going to let such an insult go unpunished...

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THORHEIM!!! Thursday Evening
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So when Thor had been confronted by a little round ball containing an orange tabby kitten this morning, he did what any self-respecting Norse god would do... he picked it up and started petting it.

His new friend even came to class with him, riding on his shoulder.

By the time he arrived back at his dwelling, the tiny kitten had been joined by several more friends from the strange balls falling from the sky.

Thor didn't know all that much about animals, but he figured he couldn't go astray with offering them some meat... which is why he'd ended up ordering a whole cooked chicken from one of the restaurants in town.

Which only served to attract more of the creatures... yeah. Thor was resigning himself to being invaded, pretty much. He just hoped the food would occupy them for a while.

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15 Griffin Way (AKA THORHEIM!!!), Sunday Evening
They'd made plans for Thor to experience more Midgardian food, and not even an invasion of eerily perfect youngsters could stop that. So when Loki arrived on his doorstep with a precariously-balanced dozen pizza boxes and a large paper bag full of what Thor was just going to assume was milkshakes, he ushered in his younger brother and directed him towards the room with the television.

"What is this program you wished to watch?"

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Infopost: Slightly Late Edition!
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And me with an(other) actual newbie this time, excellent!

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"Greetings! You have reached Thor, of Asgard. I am unable to communicate with you directly at the moment, but record your message and I will do my best to speak with you when I am able."


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